Let's meet!

On Tuesday 14th November, early in the morning, we (2 teachers and our headmaster) took the train to Brussels Airport, ready to fly to Denmark and get aquainted with our Danish partner school. After spending half a day in Copenhagen we took the train to Nyborg (pronounced: Nuubo) where we were greeted by Jane (pronounced: Jeene), one of the Danish teachers in the project.

The next day we went to the Danehofskolen in Nyborg. The school looked completely different from our school: much smaller, no staircases, a lot of open spaces and at the same time cosy corners to sit in. There's no fence around the school and there are playgrounds everywhere. This is of course because the Danehofskolen house pupils aged 6-16 years, while our youngest pupils are already 12 years old.

Even though the school looked different at first, the three of us quickly noticed that there were also a lot of similarities between our schools. The way we look at education and the opportunities that should be given to pupils for example.

In the time following our tour around the school we got to work: brainstorming on what the both of us had in mind and setting out some rough lines on what we were going to plan during the upcoming months.

As the final bell rung (around 15.00h) we had also met pupils of the international class and learned that the sun was going to set around 16.15h. Jane easily convinced us to go for a nice coastal walk. It was just what we needed to clear our heads for a second and refresh our minds. We enjoyed every minute of it and must say: seeing a sunset while walking on the coast at 16.30h in the afternoon really shows what a beautiful and extraordinary country Denmark really is.

On Thursday, after checking out of the hotel, we took all our ideas from the day before and started setting up a timeline with deadlines for the project. In the mean time, our headmaster as having a meeting with the Danehofskolen's headmaster Søren Christensen.

After another day of planning in the meetingroom our time in Denmark had almost come to an end. We still had time for a small walk around Nyborg and a visit to a charming pub before we had to take the train to Copenhagen Airport to catch our flight to Brussels.

While flying back home the three of us concluded that this visit was definitely a marvelous start of a remarkable project that will be an exciting experience for all of our pupils!

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